Santa, Bring My Baby Back…THE COVER!!!!!

SBMBB final cover (2) LOOK HOW GORGEOUS THIS IS!*!*!

10 Things You Know About Santa, Bring My Baby Back from the cover:

1. It’s the most wonderful time of the year at the hotel…Christmas!

2. There’s (at least) one bride

3. And (at least) one groom

4. It’s the next book in the Rock’n’Rolla Hotel series (and last and I hope best!)

5. Misty still runs the hotel.

6. Willodean Jackson likes to do the holidays up big time. Even Misty’s outfit changes for the holiday.

7. Some of this story’s about second chances (…bring my baby back.)

8. Love is in the air.

9. Viva Las Vegas has Elvis’s Christmas music on repeat…”Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me” will make you shake your hips.

10. It’s coming in December…okay, you can’t quite get that from just the cover.But it is…December 17. Mark your calendar (or you could pre-order now because, I mean, the holidays are crazy, right? Amazon or Barnes and Noble)

Isn’t this a good looking family?

Can’t Help Falling in Love (book #3, $1.99), Stuck on You (book #2, $2.99), and Kiss Me (novella #1, $1.99) are all available NOW!

SBMBB final cover (2)CHFiLStuckKM

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