Stuck on You: Excerpt 3

And one more taste on Stuck On You before this fabulous week is up.


And now, instead of pissed off, she was sad. He didn’t like the change. He liked the laugh better. Or even the smile she fought back. But failing those, he’d rather see pissed-off, hot tempered, and ready to fight than sad. Sad made him want to promise her things. With a mental shrug he said, “I’ve always wanted to see hot pink satin and sequins balled up beside my bed. Want to go disappoint them again?”

When she slowly blinked at him, he glanced around the bar to see if the audience for his coming set down was as large as the night before. There were only two other tables filled so no. That was a good thing.

He expected a hiss, maybe a growl, and unintelligible invective hurled at his head in rage. Instead, she gave a strangled snort and started to giggle. Eventually, deep belly laughs escaped as she leaned weakly against the bar. He smiled and relaxed a bit as he finished his sandwich. When she finally regained control, she took his glass to refill it. She set it down weakly and said, “Thanks. I needed that.”

Privately, KT was sure she needed a little bit more than that but he’d managed to escape a near-death experience and had gotten things back on track.

“You need to loosen up a little. Do you work every day, every shift?”

“I usually work both shifts three days a week, but Willodean’s asked me to work a few extra shifts until Almost Famous is over.” She muttered, “Wish I’d known what a jerk the producer was going to be before I said yes.”

KT wiped his mouth and balled up his napkin. “Yeah, me too. I prefer fawning toadies, thanks.”

She smiled. “Too bad for you, I guess. You’re going to be attention deprived before the day is over.”

He waved a finger around. “Is it always like this? Is this the quiet before the storm?”

“No idea. I’ve only been here about four months. Sal says the crowds on Friday and Saturday will be crazy, but this seems pretty normal.” She shook her head. “Well, except for Kim Kardashian over in the corner. That’s not a normal Wednesday.”

KT glanced over his shoulder at the…could-be-a-woman-but-was-probably-a-man at the table in the corner before he raised an eyebrow at Laura. “Don’t you wonder what her talent will be?”

She did a strangled snorting laugh and he felt the flutter in the pit of his stomach. It was pleasure. He got the feeling she didn’t laugh like that often. The fact that it embarrassed her was his first clue. It was damn cute. The light flush on her face spread down to her chest and he started to feel a little hot under the collar too.

Stuck on You…THE COVER, people!

Stuck On StuckYou

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Big-shot producer KT Masters never apologizes. Especially not to showgirl waitresses. But when he tears Laura Charles’s feathered costume and she gives him a piece of her mind, it sets him aflame. In fact, between Laura’s feisty temper and how damn good she looked in that little number, KT wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more of that costume…balled up next to his bed, that is. (Read more)


I have not had the privilege of reviewing any of Cheryl Harper’s works before and am completely blown away! I love the way her story flows with a mingling of sex, nostalgia, humor and excitement. Cheryl Harper definitely knows how to keep the reader’s interest to the very last word. The characters are attractive, interesting and extremely exciting. I cannot wait to read more from this very talented author. Kay Quintin, Fresh Fiction

This book had it all, fantastic witty dialogue, emotion, passion, and quirky good fun, plus memorable characters, and a story that will warm your heart. There is no doubt that Cheryl Harper has a bright future, and Stuck on You is proof of her exceptional writing, and feel-good storytelling! This reader is hooked and will be back for more!! 4 Stars from Karla at Swept Away by Romance

Books-n-Kisses: “…cheesy but cute”, 2.5 stars
Codi Gary: “I almost choked on my coffee.”
The Book Girl: “…colorful cast of secondary characters”, 4/5
Crystal Blogs Books: “I enjoyed the book so much, I stayed up until 3AM just to finish it.”

Wallflowers, stage fright, and working with Avon Impulse blows my mind

So, I can sometimes be a little…wallflower? I’m not sure what the right word is. I don’t care for the spotlight but I have, a few times in my life, landed myself in some pretty sweet, wholly unexpected, and completely overwhelming spots. These are places where you just have to shut up and dance already. I find myself here because I’m an optimist. And stage fright nearly kills me every time. I had a moment this weekend where I looked around and freaked on a small scale.

I like to read. I also like to write. I had an idea for a novella and I sent it in. I mean, on the surface it seems mundane. This is my level. I’ve been submitting to publishers for two years but I was still surprised that this time was different. Editor Chelsey called to say Love Me Tender would be included in the Kiss Me anthology. Then she asked for some other, related ideas. I sent three. And that led to an actual, serious, OMG-inducing straight-up three-book contract for this place, the Rock’n’Rolla Hotel that I created WITH MY MIND.

As I always do, I sail into things with all the confidence in the world. And then I flounder. And flop. And flail. And different kinds of OMG escape. And as I always do, I pull through, overcome, rise above, lose sleep, put a permanent wrinkle in every muscle in my back, and devour every sweet thing in the house. I even had to break the foil wrapper on the emergency chocolate.

But I did it. I wrote the first one. It’s called All Shook Up. It’s the one I turned in last week.

It’s approximately 60,000 words. Look for it in April. Please. I mean it. Okay?

This weekend I decided maybe I should put on a businessperson’s hat. I followed up on some training/info that Avon provides through a slick system (and the email listed my name along with OTHER AVON AUTHORS, like the big timers. I MEAN SERIOUSLY on the website Author page I’m sitting right next to Christie Ridgway. Christina Dodd is on the next row of the yearbook and Cathy Maxwell is above. I died. DED.). And I had that realization that I’ve landed in the deep end. Professional publicity, strategies, questions from Eloisa James because she’s been invited to the SAME EVENT…I just…I can’t…I mean…you guys…

While I listened, I set up a profile and flipped through recipes on the blog. And then I searched my name. As you do.

I have a Google alert for my name. That’s how I knew when the Kiss Me cover went up on the Avon site. But now a placeholder for All Shook Up is there! So, seeing my name and delivery dates on a contract was big. Seeing my first cover was huge. But the idea that I’m going to get to do this again? (oomph…I fell off the stage in a fainting nosedive).

After I fanned myself for a minute and took deep, calming breaths to still my racing heart, I totally grabbed a screen shot.


a load


Coming soon