Wallflowers, stage fright, and working with Avon Impulse blows my mind

So, I can sometimes be a little…wallflower? I’m not sure what the right word is. I don’t care for the spotlight but I have, a few times in my life, landed myself in some pretty sweet, wholly unexpected, and completely overwhelming spots. These are places where you just have to shut up and dance already. I find myself here because I’m an optimist. And stage fright nearly kills me every time. I had a moment this weekend where I looked around and freaked on a small scale.

I like to read. I also like to write. I had an idea for a novella and I sent it in. I mean, on the surface it seems mundane. This is my level. I’ve been submitting to publishers for two years but I was still surprised that this time was different. Editor Chelsey called to say Love Me Tender would be included in the Kiss Me anthology. Then she asked for some other, related ideas. I sent three. And that led to an actual, serious, OMG-inducing straight-up three-book contract for this place, the Rock’n’Rolla Hotel that I created WITH MY MIND.

As I always do, I sail into things with all the confidence in the world. And then I flounder. And flop. And flail. And different kinds of OMG escape. And as I always do, I pull through, overcome, rise above, lose sleep, put a permanent wrinkle in every muscle in my back, and devour every sweet thing in the house. I even had to break the foil wrapper on the emergency chocolate.

But I did it. I wrote the first one. It’s called All Shook Up. It’s the one I turned in last week.

It’s approximately 60,000 words. Look for it in April. Please. I mean it. Okay?

This weekend I decided maybe I should put on a businessperson’s hat. I followed up on some training/info that Avon provides through a slick system (and the email listed my name along with OTHER AVON AUTHORS, like the big timers. I MEAN SERIOUSLY on the website Author page I’m sitting right next to Christie Ridgway. Christina Dodd is on the next row of the yearbook and Cathy Maxwell is above. I died. DED.). And I had that realization that I’ve landed in the deep end. Professional publicity, strategies, questions from Eloisa James because she’s been invited to the SAME EVENT…I just…I can’t…I mean…you guys…

While I listened, I set up a profile and flipped through recipes on the blog. And then I searched my name. As you do.

I have a Google alert for my name. That’s how I knew when the Kiss Me cover went up on the Avon site. But now a placeholder for All Shook Up is there! So, seeing my name and delivery dates on a contract was big. Seeing my first cover was huge. But the idea that I’m going to get to do this again? (oomph…I fell off the stage in a fainting nosedive).

After I fanned myself for a minute and took deep, calming breaths to still my racing heart, I totally grabbed a screen shot.


a load


Coming soon

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