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If you’ve made it to the website, thank you! Some of you are old friends, new friends, or related and thus you rock. Finding readers is the biggest challenge of this writing gig, so I appreciate you. I’m already planning newsletter info for December and beyond! Next year is going to be a big year filled with sweet contemporaries, sexy contemporaries, and some paranormal thrown in for flavor. I promise there will be something for everyone (and to tell my newsletter peeps first)! Please consider signing up for the newsletter. In it, you’ll get information on new releases, excerpts, sweet pictures of my dog Jack, and the chance to win some fun prizes. Here are photos of some of the giveaways as a little incentive!


2 LUCKY WINNERS! Starbucks, mug, and cool tea

2 LUCKY WINNERS! Starbucks, mug, and cool tea

October newsletter giveaway

October newsletter giveaway

Once a month, no more, I swear it!

Here’s the link:

And then there’s Facebook, where I talk parties and things that don’t fit in 140 characters. Of course, the problem with Facebook is that unless you remember to come to the page or ask for notifications (not just Like the page), there’s no guarantee you’ll see the post:

I’m also doing giveaways there, like this (please remember to check the page to see if you win, though!)


And Twitter for my deep, short thoughts!

Sometimes (like when I have new releases), I do flash giveaways there of books so…

Whatever your preference, I hope there’s a way for us to chat!

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