Hello, 2019! Let’s start this off with prizes!

new harlequin heartwarming seriesLong time, no blog, amirite? But I have plans to change alllll that. The only resolution I made this year was to spend more time on social media. Say what now? Yes, more. And 2019 has already rewarded me with a flash of inspiration: a CONTEST!

The first week of the new year didn’t start off great, but the next week made up for lost time. I got a job offer from the interview where someone asked me my opinion on the Oxford comma, so you know it was meant to be. And then…I got an offer to write a new series for Harlequin Heartwarming. YES, I DID! I’m excited about it because I’m moving out of my neighborhood of Ark-La-Tex-Tenn. Want to know where? That’s the contest.

For the next seven days, I’m going to post pictures and quotes across all my social media accounts with clues. All you have to do is guess somewhere sometime to be entered to win one of five Amazon gift cards for $10. Easy! Enter as many places as you like. I’ll also have a Rafflecopter going with chances to enter. See below for the schedule and all the chances to enter to win. I’ll announce the winners in my newsletter so be sure you’re signed up for it! (Spoiler: the easiest way to make sure you never miss anything is to Follow.)

Need a book while you’re waiting for the next series? Try the park rangers at Otter Lake Ranger Station in the Great Smoky Mountains. 

  1. Rafflecopter LINK (CLICK CLICK)
  2. January 13: CherylHarperBooks.com
  3. January 14: Facebook
  4. BONUS: extra clue up at the Harlequin Heartwarming blog (click me)
  5. January 15: Twitter
  6. January 16: Instagram
  7. January 17: Facebook
  8. January 18: Twitter
  9. January 19: Instagram
  10. January 20: Pinterest
  11. January 23: Winners announced in the NEWSLETTER!!

Newsletter Info

If you’ve made it to the website, thank you! Some of you are old friends, new friends, or related and thus you rock. Finding readers is the biggest challenge of this writing gig, so I appreciate you. I’m already planning newsletter info for December and beyond! Next year is going to be a big year filled with sweet contemporaries, sexy contemporaries, and some paranormal thrown in for flavor. I promise there will be something for everyone (and to tell my newsletter peeps first)! Please consider signing up for the newsletter. In it, you’ll get information on new releases, excerpts, sweet pictures of my dog Jack, and the chance to win some fun prizes. Here are photos of some of the giveaways as a little incentive!


2 LUCKY WINNERS! Starbucks, mug, and cool tea

2 LUCKY WINNERS! Starbucks, mug, and cool tea

October newsletter giveaway

October newsletter giveaway

Once a month, no more, I swear it!

Here’s the link: http://eepurl.com/ZTY25

And then there’s Facebook, where I talk parties and things that don’t fit in 140 characters. Of course, the problem with Facebook is that unless you remember to come to the page or ask for notifications (not just Like the page), there’s no guarantee you’ll see the post: www.facebook.com/CherylHarperRomance

I’m also doing giveaways there, like this (please remember to check the page to see if you win, though!)


And Twitter for my deep, short thoughts! https://twitter.com/CherylHarperBks

Sometimes (like when I have new releases), I do flash giveaways there of books so…

Whatever your preference, I hope there’s a way for us to chat!

Time to shout about the NEWSLETTER AGAIN!

The newsletter will be going out in a week or so, and I have a new giveaway so here’s your chance to get in while the getting’s good: CLICK THE LINK and sign up. It’s really that easy! This month, I’m going to include the very first excerpt of the next Harlequin Heartwarming title too.

2 LUCKY WINNERS! Starbucks, mug, and cool tea

2 LUCKY WINNERS! Starbucks, mug, and cool tea