October is coming…and so is the newsletter!

Can you believe it? It’s almost OCTOBER. What happened to September? I’ve been work, work, working, and I look up to see it’s almost time to carefully assemble a second newsletter (filled with a Jack photo, me stumbling over the word “elderly” and some news-ish items). Did you miss my first effort? You can see it here: SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER

Today I’m packing up boxes to send to 2 newsletter subscribers filled with Halloween fun and $10 WalMart gift cards. (If you are opposed to either Halloween or WalMart, because I know people in both camps, I will monitor and adjust). There will be a new reading, a new Jack photo, and a new hint about the next book(s) so SIGN UP TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Or Monday. Just get in before I pick the winners and send the newsletter October 1.

October newsletter giveaway

October newsletter giveaway

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