Revisions and relief

You know that thing where there’s an alarm in your head that sounds like a frustrated tea kettle? It squeals long and loud and unpredictably. No? Just me then. Okay. That’s what the last couple of days have been like in my brain. But today I hit Send on the revisions. And I feel good…so good.

Santa, Bring My Baby Back is going to be a sweet, funny wrap-up to a series that has had wonderful characters. There will be more revisions, but I still love this story so I think it’s all going to be even better. And I thank God for editors all over again, people. If you love books, you should too. As a writer, I’m just happy not to do all the lifting alone. It’s wonderful to have help, so much help.

Now…to celebrate. I’m taking a short writing break to read everything I can get my hands on, starting with Things Good Girls Don’t Do. And to watch all the movies. And to just generally clear my  mind. If you have any good novella recommendations, hit me with ’em! I’m in a buying mood.

And tomorrow, I’m going to post some news. Right here. It’s good.

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