Blog tour stops!! Harlequin Junkie, Flirting with Romance, & Romance Bookworm (review)

Today…it’s Harlequin Junkie! I’ve got 5 scenes that I love from the book and the answers to my question about romantic places for first kisses is getting some good answers. I’m totally filing them all away. Check it out, enter to win HERE!

And over the weekend I missed two stops. What was I thinking? No idea. Let’s all just blame revisions. This is also why I have no groceries and a snarl in my hair the size of Texas. Saturday’s stop was a guest post about dreaming up the Rock’n’Rolla Hotel. It’s HERE at Flirting with Romance (cute site name, right?).

And on Sunday, Romance Bookworm posted a review (the words “Insert swooning here” might have been included…they were). Check it out HERE. These stops have chances to enter to win a copy of Can’t Help Falling in Love AND Stuck on You! Time keeps on slippin’, people! Enter NOW.

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