A word about heroes: Tony Ortega

Blog tour, stop 2 is a hero profile HERE, complete with excerpts and another excerpt HERE (but it’s not up yet as far as I see).

And if you’ve missed the giveway, CLICK HERE and leave a comment to enter to win.

And now then…I love casting heroes (also known as watching television and/or movies). Sometimes I start with a certain actor or role in mind. KT from Stuck on You was Nathan Fillion as Castle. Easy. This time, I started with Jon Huertas, Esposito on Castle. I need to watch other shows, cast other actors. But Esposito isn’t quite rough enough, although there’s the seed (military, tough guy), so he might look like the actor but he’s a mashup of characteristics from my BRAIN. This makes it harder to explain what the cover should look like.

I have a long list of heroes, enough for many books (Jane and Cho from the Mentalist, every role Jeremy Renner has ever played). What about you? What actor and/or role would you like to see star in his own romance?

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