Movies, music, and memorization

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And also, if you missed it, here’s the post about my GIVEAWAY: Books + tote + gift card

And now, 5 things you don’t know about me, music, movies, and memorization.

1. The very first movie I watched on continuous repeat was Grease 2. It was on one of the fancy new cable channels and I watched it every time it came on that summer. I was old enough to understand “Reproduction” (maybe…actually I had a good feeling I should be shocked at how the pistil and the stamen worked so I loved it more).

2. The first fan letter I ever wrote was to Adrian Zmed, Johnny Nogorelli, in Grease 2. It was also the only fan letter I ever wrote. I composed it carefully while I sat in the Corvette I made out of a cardboard box. So that’s how old I was. I never did understand how Stephanie could go for the British baby face. Now that Maxwell Caulfield and I are both older, I get it better. Plus, accent.

3. I can still sing all of those songs and do enough of the dialogue to frighten friends. “Cool Rider” still comes to mind at unexpected times. Oh, and also, I had never seen Grease, the first. Somehow that makes it all better. I was a little let down when I saw it. John Travolta is no Adrian Zmed.

4. I can do the same thing with Dirty Dancing (and The Breakfast Club, although it’s not really so musical. Just awesome.). Somehow I missed Say Anything, but my college roommate fixed that for me.

5. And I have not quite given this up. Pitch Perfect is now on repeat. I don’t seem to have as much time to work on memorization as I did, but I still know how to work in “horizontal running” and “mermaid dancing” at the first opportunity.

You know who did a lot of musical movies? Um, ELVIS. Do you have a favorite?

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