The Elvis Sandwich

Two warnings: 1. I am not a cook. Grilled cheese is a staple at my house. 2. Bananas and I have a long, contentious history. But…

In the interests of Elvis accuracy and just plain ol’ curiosity, I decided to make an Elvis sandwich. Everybody knows this: peanut butter and banana, fried. If you decide to Google recipes, you’ll find a pretty good collection. White bread, peanut butter, banana…that we agree on. Sometimes we add honey. Sometimes we add bacon. And sometimes we add everything all at once. Nigella’s recommends mashing the bananas (not a bad idea). This one suggests Gladys Presley actually fried the bananas in bacon grease for the sandwich (but also adds blackberry and I canNOT get on board with that).

BeforeSo I started with the basics: one sandwich of white bread, peanut butter, and banana in a skillet with butter. Things I learned: bananas are hard to fry. Peanut butter turns goopy. And this is not nearly as sweet as I expected. It was actually salty. Three bites was enough empirical evidence for me.


Then I decided to go for the all and everything: honey and bacon. And I started to understand. Bacon makes everything better. And honey is goooooood. Neither sandwich was particularly pretty (see frying bananas and goopy peanut butter). But…nom, nom…all the evidence is gone.

2013-04-12 15.25.00What about you? Ever had an amazing Elvis sandwich anywhere? Or do you have your own favorite odd combo? Leave me a comment for a chance to win Stuck on You!

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