Blog Crashing! Excerpts, Chances to Win Can’t Help Falling In Love

BlogSo I’m lucky enough to be making some guest appearances over the next few days. I’ll be talking up Can’t Help Falling in Love, Southern food, and my dog Jack will make his debut. It’s good stuff is what I’m saying. Plus, there are chances to enter to win digital copies of Stuck on You and Can’t Help Falling in Love. Here’s the list of where I’ll be. Each stop will have its own giveaway!! Enter to win at every stop! Exclamation marks are great!

THURSDAY–Ravencraft’s Romance Realm

FRIDAY–Blame it on the Muse and Romance Magicians

SATURDAYEllie Macdonald’s blog 

MONDAY–the blogs of Tina Klinesmith and Codi Gary

TUESDAYAs You Wish Reviews

Dreams and thinking bigger

photoIf you somehow missed my shocked tweets about the Barnes and Noble Top 100 Nook Books, let me tell you now…I’ve enjoyed it greatly. When my editor sent me an email saying “just a heads up” this was not the news I was expecting. I get a lot of messages in the same vein…just a heads up, I forgot to pay the phone bill. Just a heads up, I’ll be late with the project that’s already a week late. Stuff like that. This was like…WHOOP WHOOP GOOD NEWS INCOMING!

So I took a souvenir screen shot to show I made it to #99 on that list. As you do when you’re a beginner who has been focused on the writing and the selling and the praying that someday rejections turn into revise and resubmit and then acceptance letters. You’re pretty sure #99 is the tip top so you better enjoy it while you can. This shot is the pinnacle of my success (so far) at #39. Rubbing shoulders with some greats, y’all.

I wanted to write for Avon. I am.

I wanted a book I can be proud of. I have one (and a novella in a cute anthology and the next book is going to be darn good too).

I wanted a cover that makes me smile. Got it.

But I’m so not done.

I’m excited to see what’s next.

I have loved watching the Nook book list. For a brief shining moment, I was in Amazon’s Top 100 HUMOR books(?). Otherwise, I peaked in the 5,000 range over there. I knew new book Tuesday would shake things up and Stuck On You has slipped a bit, but it’s hanging in there. And I’m hoping readers are giving me a try. I hope they’re as happily pleased by my story as I am that they are reading it. This is what I want to do. Someday if I’m lucky this will be old hat, but I don’t ever want to forget the happy surprise and gratitude.

Stuck on You: Excerpt 3

And one more taste on Stuck On You before this fabulous week is up.


And now, instead of pissed off, she was sad. He didn’t like the change. He liked the laugh better. Or even the smile she fought back. But failing those, he’d rather see pissed-off, hot tempered, and ready to fight than sad. Sad made him want to promise her things. With a mental shrug he said, “I’ve always wanted to see hot pink satin and sequins balled up beside my bed. Want to go disappoint them again?”

When she slowly blinked at him, he glanced around the bar to see if the audience for his coming set down was as large as the night before. There were only two other tables filled so no. That was a good thing.

He expected a hiss, maybe a growl, and unintelligible invective hurled at his head in rage. Instead, she gave a strangled snort and started to giggle. Eventually, deep belly laughs escaped as she leaned weakly against the bar. He smiled and relaxed a bit as he finished his sandwich. When she finally regained control, she took his glass to refill it. She set it down weakly and said, “Thanks. I needed that.”

Privately, KT was sure she needed a little bit more than that but he’d managed to escape a near-death experience and had gotten things back on track.

“You need to loosen up a little. Do you work every day, every shift?”

“I usually work both shifts three days a week, but Willodean’s asked me to work a few extra shifts until Almost Famous is over.” She muttered, “Wish I’d known what a jerk the producer was going to be before I said yes.”

KT wiped his mouth and balled up his napkin. “Yeah, me too. I prefer fawning toadies, thanks.”

She smiled. “Too bad for you, I guess. You’re going to be attention deprived before the day is over.”

He waved a finger around. “Is it always like this? Is this the quiet before the storm?”

“No idea. I’ve only been here about four months. Sal says the crowds on Friday and Saturday will be crazy, but this seems pretty normal.” She shook her head. “Well, except for Kim Kardashian over in the corner. That’s not a normal Wednesday.”

KT glanced over his shoulder at the…could-be-a-woman-but-was-probably-a-man at the table in the corner before he raised an eyebrow at Laura. “Don’t you wonder what her talent will be?”

She did a strangled snorting laugh and he felt the flutter in the pit of his stomach. It was pleasure. He got the feeling she didn’t laugh like that often. The fact that it embarrassed her was his first clue. It was damn cute. The light flush on her face spread down to her chest and he started to feel a little hot under the collar too.