Dreams and thinking bigger

photoIf you somehow missed my shocked tweets about the Barnes and Noble Top 100 Nook Books, let me tell you now…I’ve enjoyed it greatly. When my editor sent me an email saying “just a heads up” this was not the news I was expecting. I get a lot of messages in the same vein…just a heads up, I forgot to pay the phone bill. Just a heads up, I’ll be late with the project that’s already a week late. Stuff like that. This was like…WHOOP WHOOP GOOD NEWS INCOMING!

So I took a souvenir screen shot to show I made it to #99 on that list. As you do when you’re a beginner who has been focused on the writing and the selling and the praying that someday rejections turn into revise and resubmit and then acceptance letters. You’re pretty sure #99 is the tip top so you better enjoy it while you can. This shot is the pinnacle of my success (so far) at #39. Rubbing shoulders with some greats, y’all.

I wanted to write for Avon. I am.

I wanted a book I can be proud of. I have one (and a novella in a cute anthology and the next book is going to be darn good too).

I wanted a cover that makes me smile. Got it.

But I’m so not done.

I’m excited to see what’s next.

I have loved watching the Nook book list. For a brief shining moment, I was in Amazon’s Top 100 HUMOR books(?). Otherwise, I peaked in the 5,000 range over there. I knew new book Tuesday would shake things up and Stuck On You has slipped a bit, but it’s hanging in there. And I’m hoping readers are giving me a try. I hope they’re as happily pleased by my story as I am that they are reading it. This is what I want to do. Someday if I’m lucky this will be old hat, but I don’t ever want to forget the happy surprise and gratitude.

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