Santa, Bring My Baby Back (December 17, 2013)

Santa Bring My Baby BackA bride abandoned at the altar . . . just in time for Christmas?

‘Tis the season for second chances at Cheryl Harper’s Elvis-themed Rock’n’Rolla Hotel. After trying and failing at acting, modeling, dog grooming, and a dozen other jobs, Grace Andersen thought for sure she’d nail marrying a rich man. But dumped in a hotel chapel and strapped for cash, Grace needs a miracle—and a job.

If it were up to Charlie McMinn, Grace would be a married lady by now. Officiating weddings in gold lamé and a rock star pompadour may not have been his idea of getting into the holiday spirit, but with a gorgeous bride asking for his help, Charlie doesn’t mind sticking around his mother’s hotel a few more days. Especially if it means getting Grace settled …

Grace isn’t sure what to think of sexy, rugged Charlie, except that she can’t deny the attraction between them, or how good it feels to finally fit in somewhere. Is she ready to give a certain place—and a certain someone—a real chance? Or will she abandon a true Christmas miracle?


Chapter 1 Excerpt: Gold lame and a gold digger?

Chapter 2 Excerpt: New man, new plan, and fresh lipstick

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Kay Quintin, Fresh Fiction:

Another installment in the Rock’ n’ Rolla Hotel is just as entertaining and quirky as the others I previously read. The delightful and snappy characters will keep you smiling and fulfill you with a genuine feeling of love and warmth. I absolutely love this series and especially the character Willodean.

Romancing the Readers: “…fun holiday read with wonderful characters.”

Sneak Peek: Santa, Bring My Baby Back EXCERPT

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And now…an excerpt from the last Rock’n’Rolla Hotel book, Santa, Bring My Baby Back, coming December: weddings, Christmas, bloodhounds, and more weddings.(SO wish I could show the cover. I loved the cover of Stuck on You the way a starving woman loves a dessert buffet. There was great rejoicing when I saw it. But this last book…I haven’t even seen the final cover. The rough images made me sniffle happy tears. More good to come later, I guess.)

Charlie’s been stood up. He’s ready to perform his duty, marrying a happy bride and groom, even though he’d rather be just about anywhere else. But they didn’t show.


When his stomach growled again, Charlie hit the door to the lobby with a stiff arm, determined to get back on his own schedule. He needed to learn he couldn’t control other people. Maybe the world would work better if he could, but no one had elected him supreme leader. He wasn’t even a county mayor anymore. Now he was just Charlie. And he wasn’t responsible for the world.

He took four determined steps toward the glass doors that led out to the hotel’s pool area. The lobby of the new building was quiet as only the chapel was complete. The new spa was next on the list and then the meeting rooms on the second floor. The dark lobby made it easy to see the line of light under one of the dressing room doors off to the side.

Charlie mentally cursed again. Something about that light told him this was going to be more trouble than a man who hadn’t eaten in over four hours should attempt. If he was lucky, the groom was behind the door and he’d be a guy who could handle being left at the altar with manly stoicism. Charlie would have his lunch. Life would go on for both of them.

If he was really lucky? That light would be nothing but the symbol of the unlucky bride or groom who’d already done the math and cleared out while forgetting to flip the light switch. Wasteful? Maybe, but he’d take a little waste in order to get his schedule back and meat loaf sandwich in his hand.

After two perfunctory knocks, Charlie turned the knob and shoved open the door.

When his eyes met the bride’s in the mirror’s reflection, he froze on the spot and forgot just exactly what he thought he might say to the inconsiderate bride or groom if he ever found either of them.

Because she was beautiful with shiny dark hair and bright red lips. When she turned to face him, something sparkled like diamonds in her hair and he was tempted to look for seven small miners. But he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her.

“Aw, crap, he ain’t comin’, is he?” A small frown wrinkled the pale skin of her brow and something about Snow White’s east Tennessee twang set everything back in motion.

That was a damn good thing. Fairy-tale references would get his man card revoked. No amount of sawdust in his hair or worn flannel would save him.

He reached up to run his hand through his hair but hit crunchy product and decided to rub his neck like that was what he’d intended all along. “I was hoping that you could tell me. Don’t you know what happened to your groom?”

Stuck On You: Excerpt 2

StuckLet’s meet Misty! (She’s been a blog stop, but here’s a little fact you did not know…just between us…the first time I saw the cover, the doggy model was very clearly not a girl. Photoshop works wonders!) Misty’s pretty important at the hotel, especially in the next book.


Fresh start, KT. Make a fresh start. “I was having a really bad day yesterday. When that happens, I get short tempered. And I make dumb mistakes like taking my problems out on other people.”

Laura leaned against the counter with a sigh. “Yeah, I get that. I might be guilty of it too.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Might be?”

She nodded once. “Might.”

KT frowned. “Okay, moving along. Could I get a soda and whatever you have that’s close to a club sandwich?”

Laura tapped her pen on the menu in front of him. “We have choices. Don’t you want to check out the menu?”

“Nah, not this time.”

She picked it up and slid it under the counter. “Fine. You want fries or chips?”

“Fries.” He slid out the bulging folder of paperwork he carried everywhere. It was getting to the point that he secretly hoped to lose it somewhere. The consequences might be rough but he hated it with a burning hot passion. Once he made it out of this, he was never going to volunteer for a job that required spreadsheets ever again. “And a Coke.”

“Yeah, that part I remember.” Her lips twitched as she met his stare. “Oh, what I meant was, yes, sir. Of course, sir. Excellent choice, Mr. Masters.” She turned to walk down to the window to turn in the order. He watched her efficiently fill a glass and wondered how many places in the world he could get a drink made by the world’s shortest and most sarcastic showgirl. She had a smart mouth. He wanted to kiss it.

When she quickly, and it looked like subconsciously, shifted the halter to bring the low neck up and then tugged on her skirt to bring it down, he decided she probably hadn’t dreamed of a life in the showgirl spotlight. She looked a little bit like a teacher. As always, when he met new people, he had an entire backstory created before he really had a name memorized, and he was intrigued by her story.

He glanced around the nearly empty bar again but just as he heard her plop the glass down on the bar in front of him, he saw a dog in the doorway. He was long and lean, with tan fur and dark markings around his droopy eyes. Two long, floppy dark brown ears seemed to be melting from his head. He sat perfectly still, like he was waiting for the hostess to seat him at the next available table.

He turned to Laura. “I’m not hallucinating, right? You see that ugly dog in the doorway too?” He pulled out his phone, snapped a picture, and tweeted it with the caption: Please wait to be seated.

She whistled. “I would not say that if I were you. Willodean hears it and you may find yourself without a place to sleep tonight.”

He laughed. “So he’s hers, huh? That doesn’t really surprise me.”

“Yeah, okay, something else you should know. You may not be able to see the tiny green bows on the ears from where you’re sitting, but that beautiful, purebred bloodhound is named Misty. She’s a she and takes any slight to her femininity personally.”

KT tilted his head as he looked at Laura and tried to guess whether or not she was serious. The look on her face said she meant every word and, even better, knew how ridiculous it sounded, but he knew telling tall tales to outsiders was a Southern tradition. He didn’t know whether to hope it was all true or just a way to pull his leg. He heard a whistle and Misty the bloodhound trotted off before he could make up his mind about the chances of the little green bows being real.