Par-tay at the Facebook! Thursday, 10/23, BE MY +1(00)

On Thursday, I’m crashing Anna J. Stewart’s Facebook launch party on the Bookies Facebook page. COME WITH ME! (Actually, I’m on the list because I have connections like that.) I’m hosting for thirty minutes and I’m planning to give away some books, so do drop in! I promise to be charming.

Well, I’m totally gonna try anyway.

Here’s the linkage:

Event page: Bookies “HERE WE GO” Launch Party

PAR-TAY! Thursday. Be there or be square!

BOOKS! BOOKS! GIVEAWAY BOOKS! Kathy Reichs, Maisey Yates, Sylvia Day, Liliana Hart

Thanks to RT Booklover’s Convention and the RWA national conference, I have many awesome books that it pains me to see gathering dust so I’m going to GIVE THEM TO YOU! If you’re the lucky winner. They aren’t signed. That’s the only way I can force myself to do this. If you’re the lucky winner and you’d like, I can toss in one of my own (and actually sign it). Leave me a comment below about which book you’re dying to read to enter. SIMPLE AS THAT! I’ll pick a winner with’s help on October 8.

Here’s what I’m giving away:

Kathy Reichs: Bones Never Lie

Liliana Hart: Whiskey Rebellion

Maisey Yates: Avenge Me

Sylvia Day: Spellbound, Afterburn, Aftershock


October is coming…and so is the newsletter!

Can you believe it? It’s almost OCTOBER. What happened to September? I’ve been work, work, working, and I look up to see it’s almost time to carefully assemble a second newsletter (filled with a Jack photo, me stumbling over the word “elderly” and some news-ish items). Did you miss my first effort? You can see it here: SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER

Today I’m packing up boxes to send to 2 newsletter subscribers filled with Halloween fun and $10 WalMart gift cards. (If you are opposed to either Halloween or WalMart, because I know people in both camps, I will monitor and adjust). There will be a new reading, a new Jack photo, and a new hint about the next book(s) so SIGN UP TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Or Monday. Just get in before I pick the winners and send the newsletter October 1.

October newsletter giveaway

October newsletter giveaway