FREE for Kindle: Least Likely to Fall in Love

FILRevIf you’ve been meaning to give one of my books a try or to pick up Least Likely to Fall in Love, it’s FREE today and tomorrow! Here’s the link:

It’s free.

Did I mention that it’s FREE?

For two more days, it’s free.

Then it’ll be $2.99.

It’s also headed for and other online sellers next week, where it will be FREE for a few says, so if you’re a Nook reader, be watching for it or my Twitter feed.

Least Likely to Marry a MillionaireAlso, I just put up the preorder for the next full-length book in the series, Least Likely to Marry a Millionaire. It will be available in September. While it’s up for preorder, it’s 99 cents. When it goes on sale, the regular price will be $2.99. I’m not a finance wiz, but it seems like preordering is a deal and all. Here’s my blurb (for now):

Whether it’s the equipment contract for the biggest college football program in the state of Texas or the championship coach who got away, Nina Montrose refuses to be defeated. Being a winner comes with perks, but Coach Jack Ford wants something more than a fat paycheck, fancy parties, and big house. He’s moved to small-town Lincoln to do what he loves: teach kids. He’s seen firsthand how sports programs can change lives.

Nina had them at “I Do” but Jack walked away. When she blows into town with one last play, sonogram in hand, they’re going to have to find a way they both can win.

TUTHRevTo make sure you’re ready for Jack and Nina (or just because you like to know all the characters in the series because you could read any of these without having read the others. I’m a rock-star salesman, right?) you should check out the novella Most Likely to Turn up the Heat! Just 99 cents! It’s part of the Summer Lovin’ anthology, but here’s the link to the novella:

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