A thief, a cop, a Greek god’s pawn shop: Excerpt 2

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After two quick breaths to make sure she wasn’t going to vomit, Liberty crossed the room and knelt beside her brother. “Frank, I swear if you die, I’m going to kill you. Even if you live, this mess…” She didn’t even know what to say about the trouble he’d gotten them into.

She couldn’t fight the tears of relief when Frank stirred. “My phone.” He tried to shift but winced with the movement.

Liberty reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. “I’ll call for an ambulance.”

She had the first number punched when Frank said, “No police. No ambulance. Call Annabelle.”

“Who is Annabelle?” Hurt, possibly dying, Frank was asking for a woman she’d never met. Instead of an ambulance? It made no sense.

Frank tried to take the phone away from her to do it himself, but Liberty gripped it tighter. She was about to ignore him and finish the call when he squeezed her hand. “No police. Annabelle. Then hit the panic button.”

Liberty did her best to ignore the way her hands were shaking, punched the button, and waited half a second.

“Where are you?” The husky woman’s voice was dead serious, and Liberty was encouraged by the gravity in her tone. She needed help. Now.

“Titan Pawn. Frank’s been shot.” The phone’s hard edges cut into her hand, but she couldn’t loosen her grip.

“Apply pressure. I’m on the way.” The beeps that signaled the ended call shook Liberty out of her panic.

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