New Excerpt: Least Likely to Fall in Love (On SALE TODAY!)

FILRevLeast Likely to Fall in Love

Running the place. Like a boss.

Lindy Mason is happy to be back at Lincoln High School. As principal, she’s faced with the tough decision on how to handle a bullying case involving Maddie Myers, daughter of the boy who made her high school days a misery.

Getting better all the time.

Ryan’s panicked when he rushes into the principal’s office to rescue his daughter and shocked to see Lindy behind the desk. Single parenting means plenty of sleepless nights, time he spends regretting his mistakes and worrying over Maddie’s future.

Lindy and Ryan have to come to terms with the way life’s twists bring change and for the better. But love? No one’s going that far.

Least Likely to Fall in Love is an enemies-to-lovers, sexy contemporary romance (60,000 words) where the hero and heroine learn about forgiveness, bravery, and the challenge of controlling the radio with a teen in the car.

Available NOW in Print and Kindle e-book (Kindle Unlimited and KOLL)


“Coach asked me what I’d like to do. The lesser of the evils was painting trash cans. So here I am.” He raised an eyebrow. “Need a job? I could use an assistant.”

She pointed at his hand. It was devil red. “No way. I’d insist on gloves. Are you crazy? You’ll have a red hand for days now.”

He jerked his head to motion at a pile on the grass. “Had gloves. Didn’t think I’d need ’em, so you are more than welcome to slip them on.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. “So, you were…what, too tough for gloves?”

He grimaced. “Couldn’t have been too smart, now could it?”

As much as she didn’t want to, she couldn’t help the laugh that escaped.

She walked over to the pile. “What’s the white for?” There was no way she was doing this. Of course not. She was just here to supervise. But he was watching her. She had to do something. Activity and busy-ness had always been her defense.

“The stencil. See?” When she picked up the can of white spray paint, a lion stencil shifted in the breeze. “That goes on after they’re sufficiently red.” He motioned at a line of cans that definitely had to be red enough already. “That’s the last step.”

“Fine. I’ll help. But I’m smart enough to use a glove.” She picked up the protective eye gear, too. “I may not be cool enough for these glasses.”

He cocked his head to one side. “I don’t know. Put ’em on. Let me see.”

Lindy slid them on and propped her gloved hand on her hip. “Just call me Safety Girl.”

One corner of his mouth lifted as he swept a glance from her head to her blinding white tennis shoes, and her stomach tightened with each centimeter he advanced. “That’s a pretty good look for you, Safety Girl. Now, get to painting.”

She narrowed her eyes at him but walked over to the first can and painted on the lion. She was glad when Ryan slid his glasses back down. Maybe she could concentrate better.

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