The Bluebird Bet, March 1 (Harlequin Heartwarming)


The Bluebird Bet

Second in the Tall Pines series. A Minute on the Lips (Bk 1).

Winning isn’t everything…to other people 

Dr. Elaine Watson never loses. Period. So she won’t miss out on a chance to restore the Bluebird Bed-and-Breakfast. The owner’s son, Dean Collins, seems just as determined as she is. A famous photojournalist, he hasn’t been home in years, so why does he want to turn the Bluebird, a charming old B and B, into a fishing camp?

With just a few weeks to create the winning plan, Elaine has no choice but to spend time with the guy. She’s drawn to the handsome, wounded man, but being with Dean would mean giving up the future she’s been dreaming of… And Dr. Elaine Watson never gives up.

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Excerpt 1: The Bet

Excerpt 2:


Grab the Kleenex one minute and laugh the next. There’s a little of everything in this read; emotion, love, the sadness of life and a heartwarming town full of witty and wacky residents always ready to put in their two cents. I have not had the pleasure of reading any of the previous stories in this series but plan to do so soon as well as the new one just out. For a short tale I found THE BLUEBIRD BET as completely fulfilling and satisfying a read as any other story. There’s a lot of wit and humor and just plain good common sense and kindness. I definitely recommend THE BLUEBIRD BET for a satisfying and beautiful experience. Kay Quintin, FRESH FICTION

2 thoughts on “The Bluebird Bet, March 1 (Harlequin Heartwarming)

  1. Beautiful cover!! So happy to know The
    Bluebird Bet is the follow-up to A Minute on the Lips since I loved that sweet, Heartwarming story. This one sounds equally as interesting to read. Congrats on its upcoming release.

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