December #giveaway: Necklace, “I love the smell of books.”

DecemberWebsiteI’ve been in a shopping mood lately.

Not a CHRISTMAS SHOPPING mood or anything helpful, but an Amazon shopping mood. And I found this! Leave me a comment below for a chance to win the necklace (for you or just in time to give away to your bookish friend). Let me know your favorite scent (lotion, candle, soap, or perfume…almost anything goes because I’m partial to warm, clean dog and fresh linen). I’ll pick one winner (US, 18+) on December 8, 2014.

5 thoughts on “December #giveaway: Necklace, “I love the smell of books.”

  1. My favorite scents are oriental and spicy for perfumes. I love burning candles that smell like sugar cookies. Thanks for the chance to win this cute necklace!!!

  2. In my house, I have always been a sucker for apples and cinnamon. I had to change recently though since my sister came over and told me my house had that “old lady smell”. I wanted to smack her. Okay, I did smack her a little… I now use an orange sherbert one that smells just like an orange dreamsicle for the summer and trade off vanilla and peppermint for the winter months.

    • I forgot to pick a winner last week! But told me to pick #3, so you win! If you’ll email me at CherylHarperBooks at gmail dot com to confirm your address, I’ll get this out in the mail to you!

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