New Facebook Page and add some Pinterest too!

Getting locked out of my Facebook Page has really turned into A Thing. If you’ve ever tried to make human contact at Facebook, you might feel my pain. Since I’m afraid I may never get back into Facebook Page (Cheryl Harper Books) and I have another party in the distance, I’ve started a new Page. If you liked the old page, could you take a second and visit the new one? PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE? I’ll go back to the old page if I can, but just in case, I have a special contest running on the new page, just for the people who Like the Page (apron, utensils, cookbook, signed book…whether you read or cook, there’s something here!)  CLICK HERE or go to


Also, if you like Pinterest (ha ha, hee hee, I crack myself up because who doesn’t?), I have some boards over there, mainly related to books I’ve written or will write. If you’d like to see some pictures that make me think of Tall Pines, CLICK HERE. I’ll be adding some things to the board this weekend, but you can already see a little of the next Tall Pines book. Annnddd…I have another board up for the book after it so…if you like sneak peeks, DO IT! CLICK!

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