Revisions in 10 steps

Yes, I’m still working on revisions for my next Harlequin Heartwarming title. I’ve reached a point where I’m not sure where to go next (caught on Step 8) so I am spending the day on YouTube/doing very important research. Also, I’ve been working on the newsletter. You didn’t think I could forget that. There’s still time to sign up and maybe be the one to win the $25 Visa card (18+, US only) or one of the two other prizes I’m cooking up. Here’s the link: Newsletter signup

Here they are, my 10 steps for revising:

1. Haunt the email inbox, checking at least twice hourly, looking for the editor’s name to pop up.

2. When the edit letter arrives, read it in one gulp.

3. Go full-on George Michael Bluth for a bit.

4. Get a grip.

5. Open up the Word document and read the comments. Count how many of each: Ha!, LOL, and smiley face.

6. Feel invincible. 

7. Start.

8. Flounder and overcome.

9. Finish.

10. Send off a MUCH BETTER BOOK. Huzzah!

It’s really easy when you break it down. But that Step 8 is a doozy.

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