SALE! BIG SALE! A Minute on the Lips is on SALE!

Ahem. What I meant to say is that if you’ve been waiting for the best time to give A Minute on the Lips a try, you might want to head on over to this month. As a part of the very cool “She’s on the Job!” promo, Sheriff Andi’s book is 40% off (code STJ414). Want to know more about the book: CLICK HERE. Want to read an excerpt? I have that too RIGHT HERE. How about a review? Fresh Fiction says:

This story is a wholesome read with heartfelt emotions and family values important to every individual. Andi has to weigh her home, family and entire community in her decision to turn loose of the past and seek her own happiness. I loved this cute story full of humor, emotion and true caring for the entire community and family. This author never fails to deliver! I am an avid follower of this very talented author and read everything she writes. Kay at

Sale ends April 30 so…go ahead and pick up the book. I’ll wait here with Andi and Mark, just raking up leaves…


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