Goals or Here We Go Again

Last week I was very ambitious. I read a few sentences somewhere about how writers need a business plan. I know some business. Make a plan for income and expenditures with action steps to meet the goals set. Easy. It is not. But I set out a solid work plan through June with measurable goals. I like goals. I like lists. I like seeing progress. And while I’m waiting and stalking my inbox for answers,Β it’s a good thing for me to KEEP WRITING. JUST KEEP WRITING.

My goals for this week:

1. Taxes. Ugh.

2. Polish up a finished story, write a synopsis, and start querying.

Turns out, that story wasn’t quite finished and now I remember why, so the work’s been a little more intense than I thought. And the taxes? *unintelligible mutters*

Neither is really all that difficult (although, seriously, taxes…why so complicated? Also: Cheryl, plot better please.), so what is the deal? I’ve heard someone else call it the imposter syndrome when referring to writing. The idea that any success you’ve had has been pure luck and you can never repeat it again because you don’t know what you’re doing. And for me, it’s the biggest challenge.

Goals are good things. I’m going to hit this week’s, I think, so we’ll see how it goes from there. Writers, how do you keep going? Got a business plan model you’d like to share?

2 thoughts on “Goals or Here We Go Again

  1. I’m a planner. I always have a manuscript on the go, and a mental idea of when I want it done and submitted. Does that count as a business plan? That’s as much as I’ve got. Just constant trying. Never stopping. Oh, and blogging and keeping up my FB page.

    Is there more we should be doing??

    • Hi, Patricia! I think that’s the question I’m always struggling with: Is there more I should be doing? Making the plan, meeting the goals, and never stopping…that’s what my plan looks like too!

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