FREE READ for February: sweet novella Miss Chance

Miss Chance updatedTo celebrate a great year, I’ve worked on a free novella called Miss Chance. It’s pretty special to me because it was the first thing I wrote after I decided to get serious about becoming a writer. It’s been through many different forms and I’ve learned a lot since I started. It continues to teach me (about the challenges of self-publishing this time), but I hope you’ll enjoy it! It’s available at Barnes and Noble, Apple (and at Amazon but not for free), but Smashwords has all the formats you might need so here’s the link: MISS CHANCE

If you could take a minute to write up a review wherever you like to buy or read books, I’d really appreciate it!

Here’s the info:


Baxter the Badger seriously needs a makeover. After fumbling a paint can on the way to address the high school mascot’s leer, Mischance Missy meets the one man in town she’d like to notice her for something other than disaster, her brother’s best friend and her high school crush.

The town threw a parade the last time Joe Summerville came home. Now, after ending his career in a crash with nearly fatal consequences, he’s afraid to cross Main Street without a human shield. Sober and anxious to help his dad any way he can, Joe’s sure only one thing can save him: coaching winning games.

Missy and Joe are about to learn that sometimes disaster can lead to love.

Sweet Romance, 30.000 words

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