Coughing, calculating, and celebrating a NEW BOOK!

Things you should probably know…

1. I’ve had the plague for a week now and my cough is now annoying the dog. I’m pretty sure I’m going to live, but the dog may run away from home.

2. I’ve also had a big-ish work project that I’m trying to finish up…and that requires math, which is hard.

3. I also need to fix a synopsis and come up with a new one this weekend, but what’s really important is…

 I HAVE A NEW BOOK OUT TODAY!!! A Minute on the Lips can be yours at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Harlequin, and…I’ll bring it by your house if you’ll put up the protective cough bubble for me! Here’s the link with all the pertinents. A MINUTE ON THE LIPS.


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