2013, 2014, and goals

I am a resolution maker. I think this is because I’m a list-making, step-outlining planner and I like goals. The cold, hard truth is that I’m not much of a resolution keeper. Exercise more, eat less, and lose weight…those would be so awesome but I have failed often enough to understand that resolutions aren’t magic. I have kept two with spectacular success. The first: I resolved to buy more shoes. If the thought behind resolutions is to repeat enough to make new habits, this one worked very well. From this I learned I will always have an easier time spending money than sticking to a budget. Not exactly earth shattering, right? And the second: I resolved to write more. “More” wasn’t that hard. Aside from emails and instructions and all manner of boring homework, I hadn’t written much for fun since my creative writing class (which was also technically homework but a lot less boring than economics). I said both out loud, and I had a good friend take me at my word. She helped me find a local writing group, took me to my first writing workshop, and generally cheered me on, something I desperately need to try anything new.

I don’t remember 2013’s resolutions at this point (*cough* eat better, exercise more, lose weight *cough*) but I’m pretty sure they were epic failures. I have already set 2014 writing goals, although at this point, making them happen seems to take magic and I have no wand. Obviously I need to make smaller goals. And I will. I have more travel planned for this year, something I’m really looking forward to, and I believe this is the year I’m going to take the trip I’ve been dreaming of instead of waiting for a better time. And I’m totally going to eat better, exercise more, and etc.

But I think instead of resolutions this year, I’m going to try that other popular idea, coming up with a word for the year. I haven’t settled yet, but I’m thinking TODAY. Yes, I see the irony of choosing it, but the flip side of being a planner is that I WORRY, usually about mistakes I’ve made or things that might never happen. That’s exhausting. I can’t change either. So I want small goals, things I can do today.

Day 1: I resolve to eat a salad (never a hardship), edit 30 pages, and take myself to a movie (with popcorn because I ATE A SALAD already).

What about you? Have you made resolutions for 2014?


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