Music icons

Blog tour, Day Four. This time…it’s a review (cue suspenseful music…nah, it’s okay, it’s good, I already peeked): Click Here.

And I’ve also been interviewed by my friend Codi Gary HERE. Check it out!

And…my Giveaway link

Tomorrow I’ll post a sneak peek of the final Rock’n’Rolla Hotel book, Santa, Bring My Baby Back…it’s weddings and Christmas and second chances and first love.

But today let’s talk music icons. I’m not sure we can even call Elvis an icon. He’s like super-duper mega iconic. And until I started working on these books, I had forgotten how mesmerizing he was. But as an 80s teen, I had a serious thing with Madonna. Actually, with the Material Girl to be specific. And, yes, I can still sing the song. And with an invitation to the right party, I’d totally do rubber bracelets, black lace in my hair, and gloves. I would not do the bustier. Ain’t nobody wants to see that. Then she went arts-ier, Vogue-ier, and political-er, and we parted ways, but “Like a Virgin” still has to be sung along with.

Or maybe you thought I was going to say Michael Jackson. I do remember very vividly when MTV came to town and the Thriller video was amazing. Is amazing. I think that might be another sign of an icon.

Which icon gets your toes tapping or your boots scooting? I find it amazing that a Garth Brooks song, even one I’ve never heard before, comes on the radio and I know his voice. That’s an icon, right?

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