New book: STEP ONE

Since I met a lot of new, fabulous people last week, first I have to say: Hi. And welcome!

Now that that’s taken care of, the next thing is a confession. That idea you have a neurotic writer…I might be one. I don’t have any strange routines and I don’t drink for inspiration, but I’ve got my own little…quirks.

1. I’m pretty sure that, even though I’ve written several books now and actually have one and the novella out in the world, I have no idea what I’m really doing. Except sitting and staring at a blank page. I’m beginning to believe that this is the way it’s done.

2. I have a million ideas that want to be written. Because I secretly fear that I’ll forget to spike, get dizzy, and fall flat on my face (name that movie?), I want to finish up the first draft of the book that someone actually wants to see while I have time to fall apart without affecting the schedule.

3. So I started Santa, Bring My Baby Back early. Like, on Friday. Or Thursday. Early. I’m waiting on edits to come back for Can’t Help Falling In Love and honestly I need the distraction from watching Goodreads and reviews for Stuck on You.

4. The first thing I did was work on the first chapter. I’m going to need it soon-ish because it’ll go in with Can’t Help Falling in Love. And because I was pretty sure I’d forgotten how to write, I wanted to flounder around on paper for a bit before things got critical.

5. Then I built a spreadsheet. This is also called busywork. Busywork is easier than real work. I like spreadsheets. I like clip art. But more than that I like to see measurable goals set out on paper. I think that’s an indelible mark left from my day job. But now, I can go with bright colors!

6. Also, I cheat. I started sooner and built up a nice cushion as I set up my goals. I was one of those kids. I always did my homework right after I made it home because I had to get all my work done before I could play. Because my mother said so? Nope. I’m pretty sure I marched out of the womb aware of the work that needed to be done before I could relax.

All that is leading to this: THE CHART. Da da du-dah!

Edits will come. May they be light and easy. If they are not, I know how to change the spreadsheet formulas. I’m hoping to have the rough, rough, roughity rough draft of Santa done in May. And now I’ve put it out in the world…like a good goal-setter does.



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