Compulsive writer-ing

There shall be no Elvis in today’s post. I have decreed it and it shall be so.

Instead, I thought I’d show a little (more) of my crazy. Before I had a book contract, I spent some time thinking about what it would be like when I had one. Then I compulsively checked my email for responses from this editor, the other editor, and the one behind that. Sure, most of them were polite rejections but the waiting is the hardest part. Not the writing, not the submitting, not even the picking myself back up again…the waiting is killer for me. So I checked, checked, and re-checked.

I did not count on how many more compulsions I might pick up when I finally had a story out there in the wide world. And right here and right now, I need to just say I believe this happened in the perfect time and in the perfect way. Codi and Jaclyn are talented. I’m so happy to have been included.

Email is still right at the top of the list. I’m still submitting but I also have edits coming and going, marketing stuffs, training stuffs, encouraging words, and general inbox mayhem. This is a Very Good Thing. I love it. I still thrill to see an email waiting for me.

Then there’s my really bad problem with Twitter. I am a lurker. Always have been, probably always will be. Here I can read editor pet peeves (laughing until you cry was all me, but now…that will totally be handled) and conversations between the cool (multi-published, big list hitters) kids.

And Goodreads…oh, dear. Ever since the first review popped up, I’ve been checking. More. MORE. I NEED MORE! And I don’t even really understand WHY! But I want them! Probably just to know there’s someone out there.

And Facebook. And Amazon. And Barnes and Noble. Oh, and the Avon site…because I have a fancy new cover for Stuck on You that nearly killed me dead when I opened it…but I have to wait for it be all public and stuff.

I can’t write! I’m too busy checking things. Be right back…pretty sure my iPhone just dinged to let me know I have an email.

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