Excerpt 2 from Love Me Tender, Ch 1


She wanted to smile back. So badly. Instead she cleared her throat. “Was I saying that out loud?”

“No, but I think every person who flies has probably prayed, ‘Please let that kid sleep all the way through, let the toilets work, let the flight be smooth and my connection on time, and don’t let that guy sit next to me.’ ” He wiggled his arms a bit, each shift rubbing across her right arm and thigh. “These seats get any smaller and we’re actually going to have to get a butt cheek removed to get in.”

Julie’s lips twitched but she wasn’t going to laugh. He made that difficult. “Listen, maybe we should try to get someone to switch with one of us. We’d probably both be happier.”

He waved his hand. “I am in no way complaining about being wedged in with you. Besides, I don’t think the right combination exists to fit us into a spot like this comfortably.”

As the flight attendant closed the door, he added, “I just think that’s the next machine that ought to go up at security. Maybe they could call it the Ass Minimizer 2000 or something.” He waggled his eyebrows at her. “Let’s get to work on that. An invention like that would make us a buck or two.”

Her smile fought its way to the surface before she snorted. “Believe me, I’ve been trying to lose some portion of my”—she licked her lips—“rear end for most of my life. If I could have invented something like that, I’d have already done it.”

And then she wanted to smack her forehead. Or maybe die. Calling attention to the size of her rear was never a good idea.

When a wicked smile spread across his face and his eyes heated, she knew that a mental smack to the head would never be enough.

“I think that might be a shame, darlin’. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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