Elvis, Stuck on You, and titles

Thanks to the quest to put an Elvis flavor on the stories I’m writing, I’ve become a little bit of an Elvis scholar lately. Well, maybe that’s the wrong word. An Elvis dabbler. When I found out I had to change the title to ALL SHOOK UP, I was bummed. In a major way. I still am to tell the truth, but I love the story. And I soooo get the power of the Elvis, maybe even better now.

I watched half a zillion YouTube videos to pick the first three titles. This week, I’ve watched the other half. And the new title is STUCK ON YOU. Don’t know the song? Me either. It was Elvis’ first hit after he returned from the Army, and it was published by Gladys Music, his music company (named after his mother but you probably knew that). And I picked this one because it’s young and fun and the Elvis I think about when I was Elvis.

My story is…well, not all that young, but it’s fun and sweet. And no matter the power of Elvis’ hips, I get sweet from Stuck on You.

If I’d been a teenager in 1960, I would have been one of those that passed out, pulled at my hair, and generally had a melt down over Elvis Presley. I can see that now…from this video. Watch it. Enjoy it. Eventually I’ll get around to changing all my book information and Avon will too.

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