My Stages of Editing

It may possibly be too early to say that these will always be the same but here’s how editing my novella has gone so far.
Stage 1-Receive email and immediately open letter to assess the damage. At this point, I’m optimistic and eager. I usually try to stick with “All Things Are Possible” in life and everything. And the letter is so encouraging. I read through it and the issues new-best-friend editor raised and then I put it aside. To sleep on it. You know. At this point, all I feel is relief because there are 3 issues, only one of which is a challenge to address.

Stage 2-wake up at 3 am, my mind a swirl of ideas…none of which are related to this story.

Stage 3-check my email, Twitter, blogs, and Twitter again to be sure I haven’t missed anything.

Stage 4-settle in front of document and read all the comments. Fight the urge to sit under my desk because some of them are so good and so obvious.

Stage 5-tackle the big issues.Forcing my mind to work through them was major. That’s just a conditioning problem, right? Right. Make quick work of the easy thing: different chapter heading. Work in spurts on the rest all day with frequent Twitter rests.

Stage 6-walk the dog.

Stage 7-finish the first pass at dinner time and decide pizza is the only answer.

Stage 8, Day 2-clean the house. Believe me, this will take all day.

Stage 9-re-read the mess I’ve made while trying to answer each question and point made. Laugh at my own jokes again because that’s how I roll.

Stage 10-(I think, I haven’t actually made it to this point yet-goal is Monday). Fix. Write up a nice letter. Hit send.

Stage 11-Pray.

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