Another Excerpt: Least Likely to Fall in Love

FILRevIf she could see him watching her, she’d have keeled over right there in the shadows of the field house. But she was serious about doing a good job on the cans. In the beginning. After three or four, she’d gotten the hang of things and all the shaking and bouncing and bending and shifting had picked up the pace and his had slowed.

No matter how he lectured himself on how he owed her complete and total respect for her help with Maddie, his attention kept straying.

He wished he could tease her, make her laugh, get her attention without bringing up the past.

He wished they’d just met. A fresh start would have made things so much clearer.

Ryan checked his watch and told himself to get with it. Thirty minutes or so and the first work day would be done. As he tilted the last can, he shook the red spray paint and made quick work of a thick, beautiful coat. He set it back down and slapped the cap back on the can. He stretched his arms and then slowly walked back over to where Lindy was finishing up the second-to-last can.

When she rubbed an arm over her forehead and then yanked the stencil off the can, he said, “Looks good.” She made quick work of the last, nearly-dry can. She put the cap back on the can and set it next to his before she said, “Thanks.”

This was going to be good. Ryan nodded. “But you’ve got a problem.”

Lindy tilted her head in an “Oh, really?” attitude.

Ryan motioned with his head. “I don’t know if this one’s asleep or dead, but either way, that’s not what Coach had in mind.” The fourth can she’d painted had a beautiful lion on it, but he was upside down.

“Oh, for…” Lindy stomped over and picked up both cans.

Ryan was curious if the curse word bubbling on the tip of her tongue would make it out of her mouth. It didn’t. Instead, she gritted her teeth and gave his red can a shimmy and shake. She checked over both shoulders and quickly destroyed the evidence of the upside down lion. When the can was only red again, her shoulders returned to their normal place. She didn’t like making mistakes. Being caught in them was so much worse.

Least Likely to Fall in Love

Running the place. Like a boss.

Lindy Mason is happy to be back at Lincoln High School. As principal, she’s faced with the tough decision on how to handle a bullying case involving Maddie Myers, daughter of the boy who made her high school days a misery.

Getting better all the time.

Ryan’s panicked when he rushes into the principal’s office to rescue his daughter and shocked to see Lindy behind the desk. Single parenting means plenty of sleepless nights, time he spends regretting his mistakes and worrying over Maddie’s future.

Lindy and Ryan have to come to terms with the way life’s twists bring change and for the better. But love? No one’s going that far.

Least Likely to Fall in Love is an enemies-to-lovers, sexy contemporary romance (60,000 words) where the hero and heroine learn about forgiveness, bravery, and the challenge of controlling the radio with a teen in the car.