Santa, Bring My Baby Back…8 days! *But you could preorder now…just sayin’

I’m taking my mind off the snow (not really because it’s ALWAYS there) by shopping on Amazon, reading blogs, and sending positive vibes to Santa, Bring My Baby Back. Don’t miss out on the first blog tour stop here: A Tasty Read Book Reviews. You can read my thoughts on holiday music and more importantly enter to win a copy of the book. Do it. I’ll wait.


And if you want a little taste of Santa, Bring My Baby Back, here’s a nice introduction to Charlie:


Fall Back…Can’t Help FALLing in Love #giveaway #kindle

RankI really wish I could say with a straight face that I thought of this days ago, but I did not. Still, better almost late than never in my book. I want to give away Kindle copies of Can’t Help Falling in Love today!! I woke up (very, very early) to see it sitting at #8 on the Romantic Comedy list at Amazon. And I was all: GASP. muffled squeal. GASP. cough, cough, cough.

I never imagined that and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I know what I’ll be doing with my “extra” hour today: refreshing my Amazon page. But I want you to have a new book to read. If you’d like to win a Kindle copy, leave me a comment here on my web page to let me know how you’re spending your Fall Back day. I’ll pick this afternoon. Since I have no idea what time it is now and I won’t know any better then, let’s just keep it open ended. No? Okay, how about 5:30 Eastern-whatever-we’re-on-now. And here’s a link with more info on the book: Can’t Help Falling in Love

New Library Journal Review for Can’t Help Falling in Love!!

Just got this and I love it so much I have to put it up because I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Can't Help Falling in LoveRanda Whitmore shows up at the Rock’n’Rolla Hotel as a spy for her very successful hotel family. Sent by her father to scope out the competition and take control of a buyout, Randa instead meets hotel manager Tony Ortega. Not a man easily open to women, Tony is a former marine who has overcome his lack of family to build a life at the hotel. Tony immediately knows Randa is not just the Elvis tourist she claims to be, but Tony can’t help but be drawn to the beautiful and fun Randa. Escaping the fierce, ruthless nature of the Whitmore clan, Randa learns to trust her own judgment, as the hotel—and the staff—show her what love and family are really all about. Verdict Harper’s return engagement (after Stuck on You) at the Rock’n’Rolla Hotel, known for the Elvis-themed restaurant and kitschy décor, is another fun story and will definitely leave you wishing for your own pair of blue suede shoes. [LJ Xpress Reviews, 8/30/13.]—Judy Taylor Garner, Strayer Univ. Lib., Glen Allen, VA