The first kiss: Most Likely to Turn Up the Heat

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How about an excerpt? Here’s the first kiss…

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“I’m going back to Dallas.”

She stared at the sky again. “So, what? I should be all excited about some short-term affair?”

He would be. Why shouldn’t she?

“No, but you could do dinner. With me.” This hadn’t been in his plans for the evening. He’d intended to buy a nice woman a couple of drinks and then to take her back to his place. He’d vacuumed with that in mind.

Arguing in a parking lot had never crossed his mind.

He’d rather be facing off with Sue than trying to charm a stranger.

“This game, it’s been fun,” Max said as he eased close enough to hear the catch in her breath. “You teasing me, me resisting. Did you ever figure out what would happen if you caught me?”

Sue braced one hand against the car door. “No. Excellent game play. You’re a worthy opponent.”

Max’s rough chuckle was loud in the silence between them. “Winner chooses the spoils. You and me. Dinner.”

TUTHRev“Are you sure you’re the winner?” Sue pursed her lips. “Maybe we’re still playing.”

“I’m not.” Max took her hand in his, reminded of the hot thrill of holding her hand while he ran a finger under the hem of her skirt. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“I wish I knew the answer.” Sue stepped closer, pulled his head down, and kissed him. Whenever he’d imagined a clench like this with her, it had been hot. But in the dusty gravel lot of the Two Step, she burned him alive. Her lips were sweet against his, but when he teased into her open mouth, she returned the favor. Each brush of her tongue lit a spark.

Pulling her closer was the only option. When she shifted against him, each graze of her soft stomach robbed his brain of important blood flow. The giggles of a group of women walking to their cars, none of whom he recognized, got his attention through the haze of heat.

“Where’s a fireman when you need him?” Sue whispered. “My underwear is smoking.”