A Home Come True (Lucky Numbers 4)


Lucky Numbers, Book 4

He’s the one with a family plan

Relocating his sprawling family to this small Texas town wasn’t the career move Austin cop Luke Hollister planned. Especially when the case he’s working involves one of Holly Heights’s own. Just ask his new neighbor Jennifer Neil, the high school math teacher who’s fiercely protective of her community and personal space. Luke’s here to serve, too. He’s got a foster mom, siblings and little niece to keep safe. Yet the more he and Jen are thrown together, the more Luke wants to settle here for good—with the fiery redhead. But can he convince Jen to turn the dream house for one she’s building into a real home?


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Keeping Cole’s Promise-available now


Book 3, Lucky Numbers (Rebecca’s Story)

It’s time he lived up to his word 

Eleven years ago, Cole Ferguson made the biggest mistake of his life, but now he can finally get back on track. The first step? Nail the job at the local animal shelter and keep his head down. But working at the shelter means spending time with Rebecca Lincoln. Rebecca is beautiful and kind but she’s also determined to save the world. Cole isn’t about to join her. Helping Rebecca would mean breaking his promise—running toward trouble instead of staying clear. She doesn’t need him anyway. How could she ever see him as more than just another charity project?

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